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Keep Your Roof Protected In Columbia Heights, MN

Minnesota weather can be just as destructive in the winter as it can in the summer. Ice, snow, tornadoes, high winds, heavy rain, and hail can do a lot more than damage your roof, they can put your entire Columbia Heights home in jeopardy! Did you know hidden damage can occur even after a storm? Protect your home and your livelihood by ensuring your roof is sealed and leak free. Think it’s worth the risk of saving a few bucks? Well consider these facts:

  • Water travels before it visibly drips. Leaks can come from upwards of twenty feet away of the original water source. Though most damage comes from flooding, damaged shingles- even just a few- can give rise to a leak that could cost you thousands.
  • Roofs expand and contract with the weather. This can have major impact on the state of your roof, and often times, you won’t even notice until it’s too late.
  • Critters can cause just as much damage as weather. Squirrels, birds, and rodents can destroy roofing vents and cost you thousands. Insects can cause the most damage, however. A termite infestation left unchecked can require an entirely new roof to be installed.
  • Even sun exposure can ruin your roof. Skimping on your budget with cheap building materials can actually cost you’re a fortune over the long run.
  • Storm damage can show on roof shingles after just five years. However, with proper care, up to date inspections, and higher quality materials, a roof can last up to 18 years.
  • Though homeowners insurance covers most storm damage, a claim can be an arduous and scary process. Premium asphalt shingles can prevent this by providing extra padding for storm damage, and durability to last through the seasons.
  • In the intense cold, roof shingles become frail and will not bond with self-sealing adhesive.

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