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Interested in upgrading your home’s roof or siding? Innovative Building and Design is an affordable asphalt roofing, and vinyl siding contractor. Maybe you’re interested in an upgrade from the traditional look and feel of a suburban home? Innovative Building and Design does other styles of roofing and siding as well. Solar panels, wood roofing system, clay, slate, you name it – we build it!

Innovative Building and Design has been operating the Twin Cites Metro area for over 40 years! We are proud of our impact on the Maplewood, MN community over the years. Since 1973 we’ve been building commercial structures, residential homes, and thriving multi family housing buildings. For a fast, free, estimate call us today, or click below!

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Vinyl Siding In Maplewood, MN

Here are eight facts about siding that every Maplewood, MN resident should consider before a big exterior job:

  1. Careful with wood. Wooden siding can rot, be more susceptible to damage, or attract the wrong critters to your yard. It’s also known as the most expensive type of siding, while aluminum and vinyl are much cheaper alternatives (that won’t decompose!)
  2. Most siding companies will take jobs year round, but if you’re looking to save a quick buck, check for deals around fall and winter, as many companies will offer deals during the slow months.
  3. Steel siding will last the longest (up to forty years), but is the most expensive to acquire and install (upwards of three times the cost of vinyl.)
  4. Unfortunately, steel does rust and will require replacing when it does.
  5. Vinyl is the most common, most affordable type of siding used in the United States today.
  6. Asbestos used to be an active material in siding, due to its cheap cost and insulation qualities. However, when its true health hazards were discovered, it was ceased as a material. Homes built before the 1970s may still contain it in the siding, so its best to check and make sure your home is asbestos free.
  7. Maintenance and cleaning are key. You should power wash your sidings, and often. Unclean siding can develop buildup and/or rot and cost you a fortune.
  8. Most siding is wind-resistant (up to 110 MPH)

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