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Looking for expert roofing, siding, remodeling, or general construction services in St. Louis Park, MN? Innovative Building and Design is here to serve you! We’ve been servicing the great residents of St. Louis Park for over 40 years, since we were founded as MN contracting company in 1973. Any general construction need you may have, we would love to give you a competitive estimate. From leaking roofs to torn siding we have experience with all types of contracting work. We work with both commercial and residential properties as well as multi-level family housing structures. If you’re in need of repair from hail damage or storm damage we will handle your insurance claim for you! Whatever your need, Innovative Building and Design is the construction company for you St. Louis Park!

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Roofing solutions for Spring Lake Park, MN

Typically, most residential properties stick to the traditional asphalt roofing shingle. Asphalt shingles, also called composite shingles, are a great option for most homeowners because of their affordability. Generic asphalt shingles get the job done, protecting your St. Louis Park home from roofing hazards and roofing mishaps. Commercial properties typically stick to flat rubber roofing, again due to affordability. Flat rubber roofing and asphalt roofing are great options for St. Louis Park residents. However, if a property owner desired to upgrade their roof in order to stand out from other structures in the area, improve the long-term quality of their roof, or attain premier roofing protection against the Minnesota elements, there are many other roofing options available for those living in St. Louis Park, MN and surrounding area!

Innovative Building and Design always strives to help homeowners achieve maximum structure protection. Living in a state like Minnesota, one of the most destructive elements that damages our roofs is ice. Ice, or more specifically ice dams, can create roof leaks that cause thousands of dollars worth of damage! The best roofing material to prevent damage caused by ice dams is metal! Metal roofing has been around for awhile. Though not extremely prevalent in St. Louis Park, MN you see it every now and then. While composite, or asphalt, shingles are extremely vulnerable to ice dam build ups, metal roofing is extremely effective at preventing roofing leaks in cold weather. Metal roofing is installed by panel, not individual shingles. These panels are extremely effective at preventing leaks because they are larger and stronger, leaving less room for the water to sneak through.

Remember, if you are having a roofing disaster because of a roof leak, hail storm, or other storm damage, don’t hesitate to call Innovative Building and Design today! We work with the insurance companies expertly to handle claims so you don’t have to! Any time a storm rolls through St. Louis Park, MN remember Innovative Building and Design and give us a call right away.

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