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Choosing Sides Part 1: Vinyl Vs. Steel Vs. Cement Siding

Choosing the perfect home siding material and profile can be a daunting task full of questions. With significant advances in siding technologies in recent years, however, you really can’t go wrong choosing between vinyl, steel or cement siding materials. It really depends which siding attributes are right for your tastes and home. Vinyl Siding Delivering […]


5 Home Improvement Ideas to Consider Before Fall

Home improvement projects offer many benefits, from energy savings, improved comfort, increased home value, additional living space and just happier everyday living. After all, why move when you can remodel? Consider these five home improvement ideas to spruce up the home you love this fall. Kitchen Upgrades The kitchen is the heart of the home for many […]


Should I Repair or Replace My Shingle Roof?

By the time you detect a problem with your shingle roof, such as water stains on your ceiling, your roof may have already suffered damage too expensive for repair. However, a shingle roof replacement isn’t automatically necessary. Each roofing system and home are different, and each requires a comprehensive evaluation. If you are facing the […]