A luxury water escape or imaginitive water playground — the choice is yours with a custom in-ground pool — just add water!

Re-imagine your outdoor space with a custom in-ground pool and hot tub — a tranquil oasis with stunning light, fire and rock features, or a water playground for family and friends. The possibilities are limitless when you choose Innovative Building and Design to design and install or renovate your pool.


  • Classic — Classic style pools capture Grecian or Roman architecture with straight, clean lines and truncated or “cut off” corners.
  • Free Form — Flowing lines, curves, irregular shapes and rock and water features bring naturalistic elements to your Free-Form style pool.
  • Modern — Modern style pools are characterized by clean lines and geometric shapes, with vibrantly colored mosaic or glass tiles.
  • Infinity Edge — An optical illusion or vanishing act? The visuals and sounds of an Infinity Edge style pool are inspiring, relaxing and timeless.


  • Built-in Hot Tub — Whether to start your day or finish your day, a custom pool with a built-in hot tub is the place you will want to relax.
  • 360 Degree Spillover Spa — Whether a raised spa or an illusion spa, a 360 degree spillover feature for your built-in spa is truly spectacular.
  • Custom Lighting — Custom lighting features enhance your enjoyment of your pool night and day.
  • Fire Features — Have a primal flare for the dramatic? Add fire features to your pool and patio and enjoy nature’s nightlight.
  • Rock Water Features — Add an enchanting feel to your pool with the rustic, natural look of rock.
  • Rain Arbors — Add a touch of elegance, magic and fun with a water rain arbor.


Whether you are swimming to stay fit or just enjoy going for a swim any time of year, an indoor or an enclosed pool by Innovative Building and Design is your perfect solution. Alternatively or in addition, we offer pool heating solutions.


Innovative Building and Design can repair your old pool to a new state.Or, we can completely transform a lackluster pool into a stunning outdoor oasis to enjoy resort-style living in your own backyard. With our expert design team, it’s easier than you may imagine.


Building a pool involves many steps. From the initial consultation, to site visit, permitting, planning irrigation and landscaping, dirt removal and constructing your dream water escape, Our professionals at Innovative Building and Design simplify the process and make it an enjoyable experience.

Uncover the possibilities of your custom in-ground pool with a free consultation. Call Innovative Building and Design today at 612-808-6025 to learn more!

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