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Are your gutters sagging, leaking, dented, rusting or falling down?

Your gutters play a pivotal role for protecting the roofing system and property from water damage. Clogged or damaged gutters allow water to seep into roofing materials, building structure and literally soak your property, basement walls and foundation.

Innovative Building and Design provides Minnesota homeowners and commercial property owners a wide array of quality services and products for gutter replacement, repair and cleaning to help keep your property in good condition from top to bottom.


Gutter systems endure tremendous stress due to rainfall, snow and ice melt, ice dams and various debris hindering water conveyance. Over time, seams separate and fall away, dents occurs, rust may develop or other problems arise. Replacement may be necessary.

That’s not surprising considering that just one inch of rain falling on the typical home can amount to 1- to 2-thousand gallons of water gushing into the gutters. Multiply that by 30 to 40 inches of annual rainfall and snow and ice melt we receive here in the Twin Cities area, gutters prevent thousands of gallons of additional water from soaking your building structure and foundation.

Innovative Building and Design can evaluate your gutter system and outline the best course of action for replacement or repair. We specialize in the following gutter installations.

  • Metal and vinyl gutters — practical, popular and low maintenance
  • Built-in gutter systems — low-profile design, durable and keeps debris out
  • Copper gutters — seamless, durable, timeless and beautiful


All gutters need maintenance — some more than others. The frequency and type of maintenance gutters receive depends on the materials which they are manufactured and the amount of debris and vegetation that tends to fall on the roof and collect in the gutters.

Without regular maintenance, gutter systems will eventually fail due to one or more of the following reasons.

  • Sagging
  • Rust
  • Leaks
  • Failed seams
  • Dents
  • Obstructions


The best time to clean your gutters is after nearly all of the leaves have fallen in late fall. It’s wise to employ the skills of a professional roofing company to clean your gutters and, also, inspect your roof for any problems that may be exploited and made worse by winter snowfall.


The decision of whether to replace or repair a gutter system should be between you and a trusted contractor — not neglect and the elements. Every situation is different and should be evaluated as such.

The experts at Innovative Building and Design can provide an evaluation of your gutters, make sure you understand all of your options and provide you a free estimate for replacement or repair.

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