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Dealing with a roof that is leaking? Has your home’s siding been torn, cracked, or destroyed by hail or storm damage? Are you currently trying to file an insurance claim for damage to a commercial property? Whatever your general construction needs are, Innovative Building and Design is here to serve Blaine, MN!

Established in 1973, we’ve been servicing Blaine, MN for over 40 years! Being our home city, we’re grateful Blaine residents and local Blaine businesses have trusted our roofing, siding & general construction services for many years. We have extensive experience in residential construction, commercial construction & multi-family housing construction!  There is no construction job we can’t do! Call Innovative Building and Design today and we’ll send over our team of dedicated servicemen to give a free estimate today.

Reliable construction services in Blaine, MN since 1973. We don’t just build houses, we build dreams!

Roof Repair In Blaine, MN

Minnesota winters can take a tough toll on many roofs in Blaine, MN. Whatever it’s because of an ice dam build up, hail and storm damage, or simply general wear and tear, after a long winter it’s a good idea to get your roof inspected to prevent leaking and costly repair down the road!

Is your roof leaking?  Don’t waste time dangerously climbing on your roof! Call Innovative Building and Design and we’ll send over our team of dedicated service repairmen to pinpoint exactly where your roof needs repair. The repair may be as simple as stoping a leak by fixing cracked flashing with troweling roofing cement, or your home may need a totally new roof!

If your Blaine roof does end up needing to be replaced, our team provides quality roof installations as well as other needed roofing and exterior home services. Our roofing experts continually handle various forms of damaged roofs, fixing, mending and repairing roofs throughout Blaine, MN. From rotted rafters to cracked shingles, we are Blaine’s total-service roofing contractor!

Construction Services Offered In Blaine, MN

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