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Considering an upgrade to your home’s roof, or siding? Or, are you a business owner looking to vamp up your section of the strip mall in Arbor Lakes? Whatever your construction needs are in Maple Grove, MN, Innovative Building and Design has you covered!

Most homeowners should replace their roof every 15-20 years. That of course is only if the roofing system was installed properly in the first place. If a recent hail or storm has damaged your roof or siding, you may need to do replacements soon than that! Innovative Building and Design will inspect and repair your home’s roof and siding systems. In the case of outside damage from hail, or another storm, you may be able to have your home insurance cover the cost of repair! Innovative Building and Design handles your insurance claims for you! The less hassle for the homeowner the better. Call or click the button below for a fast, free, estimate on your Maple Grove, MN property!

Reliable construction services in Maple Grove, MN since 1973. We don’t just build houses, we build dreams!

Home Siding In Maple Grove, MN

While vinyl siding remains the primary siding option for most Maple Grove homes, Innovative Building and Design works with all types of home siding.

From James Hardie siding, to wood, to steel, you name it we can build it! Since our slogan is: We don’t just build houses, we build dreams, we like to inform our customers of new trends that may spark a dream or two of theirs.

Have you every heard of stucco siding?

Stucco siding Made from building sand, cement, lime, and water, a waterproof barrier of galvanized screen metal and wood are interwoven to provide maximum protection of your home. It’s a look commonly found on Spanish and Mediterranean style homes. When properly maintained, Stucco can last the lifetime of a house.

If you are interested in upgrading your Maple Grove, MN home siding, give Innovative Building and Design a call today!

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