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In need of a quality roofing, siding, or remodeling contractor in the Stillwater, MN area? Located in Blaine, MN, Innovative Building and Design loves taking trips out to gorgeous Stillwater to work on homes along the St. Croix. New residential construction is one of our favorite jobs – our slogan is: We don’t just build houses, we build dreams.

Whatever your construction needs are in Stillwater, MN, we hope you will call, or click below, for a fast free estimate from Innovative Building and Design. We are a company dedicated to service and excellence, and we know whatever project you are looking for our team can handle it. From basement remodeling, in-ground pools, solar roofing systems, Innovative Building and Design does it all.

Reliable construction services in Stillwater, MN since 1973. We don’t just build houses, we build dreams!

Roof Repair In Stillwater, MN

Is your roof leaking on your home in Stillwater, MN?

Innovative Building and Design can send out a roofing expert to handle your roof repair today! Our dedicated team members continuously repair various forms of damaged roofing systems, fixing, mending and repairing roofs throughout Stillwater, MN.

From torn, cracked, or damaged, shingles to termite infested (or rotted) rafters, we are Stillwater’s total-service roofing contractor! The repair may be as simple as stoping a leak by fixing cracked flashing with troweling roofing cement, or your home may need a totally new roof!

If your home is in need of a new roofing system, check out these two top trending roofing systems:

Sheet Metal Roofing – Another byproduct of “Going Green,” recycled sheet metal has become a new trend amongst those looking for unconventional materials and also seeking something environmentally conscious. Sheet Metal roofs can last upwards of four decades, twice as long as conventional roofs, and give your home a look that likely to stand out.

Solar Roofing – Looking to save a bundle on your energy bill? Look no further! Solar roofs offer a trendy, futuristic look to your home, and power it too. Owners typically report upwards of half off their energy bills just by installing solar roofs.

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