Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Blaine, MN

Is your home bathroom out of date? Look at getting a fresh new bathroom remodeling in Blaine, MN from Innovative Building and Design today!

Tired of paying excessive water utility fees? Many households don’t realize their out of date bathrooms are literally throwing money down the drain! A new bathroom remodel can reduce water usage by 100 gallons every month! A fresh sink, new shower, and efficient bathroom lighting will not only spruce up a bathroom space, it can save homeowners money down the road!

Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Blaine, MN

Innovative Building and Design is happy to accommodate new bathroom construction, as well as bathroom remodeling.

When installing a new bathroom, or building a new bathroom addition onto a place of residence, the new space within home will likely need completely new plumbing! Making it important to work with our bathroom remodeling contractor in Blaine, MN. After the design process, Innovative Building and Design ensures structural codes and standardized plumbing systems are up to date before starting on the new bathroom. Interested in a new bathroom for your Minnesota home? Call us today!

Experience Matters

Every homeowner desires a comfortable bathroom! A comfortable bathroom takes shape at the design stage and is only brought about by a reliable contractor! Working with a licensed general contractor with experience in bathroom construction and bathroom remodeling can ensure every resident the luxurious home bathroom of their dreams. Innovative Building and Design has hundreds of  happy clients that will testify to the excellent design and craftsmanship of their home bathroom! Whether you desire a serene peaceful room to escape to within your own home, or a practical and efficient bathroom design for a growing household, Innovative Building and Design can design and build the perfect bathroom space for you and your family!

Innovative Building and Design is your bathroom remodeling contractor! Servicing the Twin Cities and North Twin City Metro area, Innovative Building and Design would love to be a part of your new bathroom upgrade! Call us today!