Roofing Repair

Is your roof leaking? Have your shingles become torn, cracked, or destroyed by wind, hail, water, or general damages? Don’t waste time dangerously climbing on your roof!

Call Innovative Building and Design today and we’ll send over our team of dedicated service repairmen to pinpoint exactly where your roof needs repair! The repair may be as simple as stoping a leak by fixing cracked flashing with troweling roofing cement, or your home may need a totally new roof!

If your roof does end up needing to be replaced, our team provides quality roof installations as well as other needed roofing and exterior home services. Our roofing experts continually handle various forms of damaged roofs, fixing, mending and repairing roofs all over the Twin Cities Metro. From rotted rafters to cracked shingles, we are your Minnesota total-service roofing contractor!

Roof Hail Damage?

Innovative Building offers free inspections and estimates to our customers throughout Minnesota that have suffered from hail damage! If you are looking for roofing repair, or a roofing replacement, due to hail damage give us a call immediately and we will work with your insurance company to cover your damages! We offer our hail damage repair services in Anoka, Andover, Blaine, Coon Rapids, Fridley, Ramsey and surrounding areas throughout the Twin Cities metro. Give us a call or get a fast, free bid online!

Roof Leak Repair

Every roofing repair begins with a full service roof assessment. If your roof is leaking, our professional roof repair team will hunt down the leak and track it to it’s source. While water leaks can be tricky to find, our team has extensive experience finding and repairing roof water leaks. If your roof has exposed roofing rafters or an exposed roofing deck, this will make it easier but we never recommend homeowners to dangerously climb around their roof looking for a solution on their own!

More times than not the source of the leak is often different than the area where the damage is actually occurring! On pitched roofs seeping water will run down the roof following gravity. Finding the source can be tricky as water can enter through the smallest of openings, like a tiny nail hole! In some cases our experts have had to trace the trajectory of water over multiple old layers and roof, roofing felt, the roofing deck all the way down to the plywood or the roofing rafters!

If you are suffering from a roof leak, don’t get overwhelmed! Innovative Building and Design provides affordable, professional, and timely roof repairs to all Minnesota residents. Call us today!

Prevent Water Damage

Is your Minnesota home suffering from water damage? One of the first signs is discoloration on the ceilings of your home. Water damage can happen through various means such as harsh winter ice dams, cracked shingles, or burst pipes in the attic. Innovative Building and Design can help repair your roof to prevent water damage to your Minnesota home.

If you are suspecting a leaky roof, don’t waste time! Call us today!