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An investment in a new roof will last for years to come! 

A properly designed and excellently built roof will set your commercial property apart from your competition.

Innovative building and design can build, or repair, any roofing style with the excellent workmanship and quality design every commercial structure needs to stay fresh and competitive!

Experience Matters

With over 30 years combined experience installing roofs on apartment buildings, schools, churches, and businesses, Innovative Building and Design has extensive experience in various styles of commercial roofing.

The roofing systems that Innovative Building and Design install last for years, problem free!

What Kind Of Roof Are You Looking For?

Typically EPDM roofing systems are what we recommend for commercial properties with flat or low-slope roofs. EPDM roofs are made out of an affordable rubber roofing material which doesn’t cost property managers a fortune. This rubber is a synthetic rubber: ethylene propylene diene monomer.

EPDM rubber is an excellent insulative rubber that is resistant against the cold, heat, and water. While being an affordable commercial roofing option, EPDM roofs will still provide a durable roof cover that will adequately protect your commercial property. These rubber roofs are also more affordable to install, reducing costs for property owners. In the case that your EPDM rubber roof does need repair down the road, they are also easy to repair, saving business and property owners the hassle of installing an entirely new roof. Finally, the last reason EPDM roofs are our top recommendation is because they are a great replacement roof that can be installed on-top of existing roofing. This also is a way to save the property owner from having to pay for the hassle of removing an old roof just to install a new one.

A TPO roofing system is also a common roofing option for commercial properties with flat or low-slope roofs. Like EPDM, TPO is an ethylene-propylene rubber that is an affordable roofing option for most commercial property owners. While the differences between EPDM and TPO are few, TPO roofs have a few advantages. First, TPO rubber roofs are manufactured to be sealed with a heat welder creating a slightly better seal than EPDM rubber.

TPO rubber is also considerably more environmentally friendly than EPDM. Finally, TPO roofing systems are known to resist multiple harmful chemicals while EPDM only withstands a few. TPO roofing is a great option for commercial property owners looking for a long lasting roof for their low-slope or flat building structure.

Upgraded kitchen appliances will set your kitchen remodel apart from the rest! Appliances are an integral part of any great kitchen, in fact they really make or break the functionality and ultimate success of the entire kitchen area. Innovative Building and design can help you choose the best appliances that fit your new kitchen’s style!

Picking the correct colors and styles of appliances helps create a vibrant kitchen environment. Know the right brand of an oven, fridge, and dishwasher that will meet your needs! Research whether you desire cutting edge stainless steel appliances, or other colored options for a more custom home kitchen! Don’t worry, Innovative Building and Design can partner with you to come up with the perfect solution for your kitchen.

We install every name brand appliance, and integrate the appliance installation directly with the remodeling process to customize your kitchen according to the design you desire! Integrating appliances with a new kitchen islands is always a great place to start. Innovative Building and Design is your Minnesota contractor for Appliance Installations!

Built up roofing systems or “BUR roofs” are a layered roofing system comprised of layers of a tar-like liquid that is hot-mopped onto the surface of the roof. Once applied the compound is then layered and re-applied with gravel placed on top of the finished roof to protect it from cracking in the heat. Built up roofing systems have been a favorite style choice for commercial roofing since the 1850’s, over 100 years!

Besides being totally puncture proof, built-up roofing systems are also the most affordable commercial roofing option. Built-up roofing systems, or BUR roofs, are what Innovative Builders recommended as the most cost-effective roofing style for flat, or low-pitch, commercial property roofs. Business owners can still expect longevity from their built-up roofing system, also having peace of mind knowing there is a very low-risk of damage.

While slate and tile roofing are both hefty investments, the long term durability of each of these two roofing styles can be worth the price tag from some commercial business properties.

If you choose to roof your commercial property with a slate or tile roof, you can be confident that the roof will outlast the structure it’s built on! Even the cheapest manufacturers of both slate and tile offer lifetime warranties on their products. The average commercial property that installs slate or tile roofing have a roof that lasts around 50 years! Both slate and tile are low maintenance, another added perk for everyone looking to install a roof on a commercial building.

Metal roofing is one of the most durable roofing options offered on the market today. In the roofing industry, only clay tile roofing is known to last longer than metal roofing. Metal roofing can come in any color, offering an aesthetic variability to business owners that other roofing options can not.


Contrary to most perceptions metal roofing doesn’t only come in different colors, it comes in various makes, styles and finishes. Metal roofing can actually imitate any other roofing style on the market. This gives commercial owners the flexibility to get the exact look they desire for their structure. Innovative building also loves installing metal roofing because they are maintenance free and environmentally friendly.

A roof is a primary protection agent of any investment.

A durable efficient roof that will outlast the building it is protecting is of high interest to any commercial property owner.

Besides commercial roofing, Innovative Building and Design also offers general commercial construction services and tenant improvement construction services. 

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