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What To Do When Your Roof Is Missing Shingles

Is Your Roof Missing Shingles?

Roof-Repair_MNHave you noticed that your roof is missing shingles? Maybe you’ve been aware for months of a lone shingle disappearance, or maybe this is the first you’ve thought of it. Either way, consider yourself fortunate for your roof has officially survived a Minnesota winter and has made it to spring! Winter is far from kind, and spring is now the season to protect your home investment before your shingles take another hit from the summer rains, wind, hail, and other destructive elements.

The question most Minnesota homeowners have is: should I repair my roof now? Or, try and wait it out a little bit longer? Hoping to tough it out through the spring and summer may work in warm, dry, and sunny states such as Florida, Arizona, or California; but in a moisture heavy state like Minnesota the Twin Cities area is constantly being hit with shifting weather patterns that can bring destructive rain and hail storms without much warning! Luckily, a call to Innovative Building Design doesn’t take long, but it’s always best to prepare your property before a roofing emergency occurs! Ghostwriter Bachelorarbeit conducted research and studied different types of shingles. The study showed that flexible shingles have much less waste during installation – about 5%, with metal shingles this figure can reach 40%.

Don’t Ignore The Missing Shingles

innovative-building-and-design-roofing-contractor-mnThe best preventive measures a homeowner can take is regular roof maintenance, and timely roof inspections. Every homeowner has a lot to keep up with and living in Minnesota sure doesn’t make it easy! When spring comes most Minnesotans are all rushing to fix things up after the long winter. However, neglecting that missing, or loose, shingle could end up costly and permanently damaging. Missing shingles can lead to roofing leaks that could damage the entirety of a home’s structure!

Assuredly, if water is ever found inside a home either from a roof leak or a slow ceiling drip, the property owner should contact a professional roofing contractor immediately. However, just because there is not a current leak doesn’t mean a roofing system is perfectly intact. Even if you can’t see the leak with the naked eye, the damage could just be getting underway. A roof leak, or seeping drip, may not appear until after there has been a torrential downpour, or an extended rainfall for many hours.

Roofing leaks and roofing drips often slowly appear as they seep through the layers of roofing materials. In certain cases the leaking water flows in an unpredictable manner, following a random route before appearing as a water spot on the ceiling or wall. Professional roofing contractors can help homeowners by pinpointing weak spots on the roof where leaks and drips are probable. Preventing leaks and drips is attainable through regular roof inspections and proper roofing repair, especially in the event that shingles go missing.

What If My Roof Is Beyond Simple Repair?

Roof-LeakIf missing shingles have indeed led to a roof leak, or small water drip seeping into your properties structure, then please call a reliable and trusted roofing contractor immediately before the problem gets worse! Obviously, if you can see the water leaking or dripping from the ceiling grab a bucket, tarps, towels, or whatever items you have nearby, and protect the rest of your property. If you don’t see a physical drip but notice discoloration or a water spot on the ceiling or wall, call an emergency roofing contractor immediately!

Most roofing contractors are in high demand after hail or large rainstorms. If you have missing shingles don’t wait until after the storm to fix the damages. Prevent structural damage by replacing missing shingles before the storm hits! Don’t forget, even if you can’t see any damage due to a roof leak, there could still be slow seeping leaks that cause major problems down the road! Unnoticed leaks and drips tend to last for a long time and can cause major structural damage and compromise your entire roofing system! Slow leaks devastate property structure by seeping into the drywall, ceilings, floors and wooden frames!

Don’t Wait For Missing Shingles To Cost You A Fortune

CALL_NOWDon’t wait to pay for a more costly roofing repair! If you are missing shingles start looking for a reliable roofing contractor today! If you’ve noticed missing shingles don’t procrastinate on tending to your roof and assume because it survived the winter it can go through the spring, summer, and fall seasons unscathed. Be proactive. Call about getting an annual spring roof inspection today. Professional roofing contractors will inspect your roof for areas that need roof maintenance, and will asses weak points where leaks could be occurring.

To find the best roofing contractor to fit your needs, go online to check reviews sites like Yelp!, Angie’s List, or the Better Business Bureau. You can find reviews for Innovative Building and Design on Google as well. Word of mouth is a great way to both find and refer quality roofing contractors to family, friends & coworkers! Also, always check that your roofing contractor is professionally licensed, bonded, insured and registered with the state of Minnesota.